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United Services for Counseling
United Services for Counseling
United Services for Counseling

Counseling and Education Program



The Program offers the following individual and group counseling and advising services:


Multi-cultural competency and cross-cultural communication skills

Community orientation and community resources;

Difficulties in adjusting to new culture;

Multi-cultural competency development;

Cross-cultural communication skills development.



Academic performance and career planning

Determining priorities and balancing demands;

Academic performance improvement;

Dealing with tardiness;

Career path navigation.



Difficulties with family and peer relationships, and mediation services;

Crisis intervention;

Conflict resolution skills development.



Education for parents

Parenting workshops




Time management;

Coping with elementary-middle-high school and college transitions;

Stress management and positive thinking;

Anger/mood management;

Dealing with procrastination;

Coping with depression or anxiety;

Coping with grief;

Resiliency skills development.


Evaluation of foreign education credentials  (currently not available)



Language translation and interpreting services


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